When to Consider Shareholder and Director Protection

A Founder’s Reflection on Shareholder and Director Protection

In the fast-paced world of business, contemplating the need for shareholder and director protection might not be at the forefront of every entrepreneur’s mind. However, as Chris Langrick, the founder of Langricks, discovered through his own journey, considering these options is not only a responsible move but also a crucial one to secure the future of your business and the well-being of your loved ones.

When to Consider Shareholder/Director Protection?

Every business owner reaches a pivotal moment when the question of shareholder and director protection surfaces. Chris acknowledges the dilemma—how much protection is necessary versus the desire to avoid unnecessary overheads in the day-to-day business operations. Recognising this internal struggle, Chris embarked on a thoughtful exploration of the subject, delving into the intricacies of safeguarding both personal and professional interests.

A Founder’s Perspective

As a fellow business founder, Chris understands the weight of these considerations. In a recent reflection on his own business, Langricks, he shares his journey towards implementing comprehensive shareholder protection, including life and critical illness coverage and a meticulously crafted cross-option agreement. He emphasises that this decision is not only a commitment to safeguarding his family’s future but also an acknowledgment of the invaluable contributions of his dedicated team.

Building a Shield for the Future

Chris’ sentiment resonates with many business owners who have poured years of dedication into building their enterprises. While he acknowledges that his business would most likely thrive without him, he recognises the shifting dynamics that would occur. Family earning potential, resource requirements, and the overall business landscape could change, making it imperative to have the right protection measures in place.

The “What If” Scenarios

The journey towards shareholder protection prompted Chris to revisit their shareholders agreement. Engaging in challenging “what if” scenarios, the team confronted questions about critical illness definitions and the uncertainties surrounding recovery. Despite the potentially sombre nature of these discussions, the process proved instrumental in reaching a solid foundation for moving forward.

Peace of Mind

Contemplating the worst-case scenarios can be daunting. However, the peace of mind gained from knowing that your family and colleagues are protected in the face of unforeseen circumstances is invaluable. Shareholder protection serves not only as a financial safeguard but also as an emotional anchor during challenging times.

Taking the Next Step

As a responsible next step, Chris needed to document what key knowledge family members would require in case of any unfortunate events. From bank account details to insurance policies, this proactive approach ensures a smoother transition and minimises stress during already challenging times. And a poignant question—can we afford not to give this crucial aspect the attention it deserves?
Chris’ journey serves as a compelling testament to the importance of shareholder and director protection. As business owners navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship, this reflection urges them to consider not only the growth of their businesses but also the resilience of their legacies. By proactively addressing these critical aspects, entrepreneurs can pave the way for a secure and sustainable future for their businesses and loved ones.

To help you on your journey please find our Corporate In Case of Emergency (ICE) file here.  If you would like to discuss this further and any potential options, please contact our dedicated Independent Financial Advisor Chris.Isaac@langricks.com.