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Financial modelling

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Financial modelling allows businesses to plan and fund their strategic plans and achieve their goals, appease shareholders and expand. Forecasting and planning for future revenue, changes to fixed and variable costs and investment in items such capital expenditure, working capital and acquisitions can all affect cash flow and a business’s ability to grow.

How we help

It’s very easy for businesses to drift and not keep an eye on the ball, especially during growth. We believe having a clear strategy, that you assess each month, provides you with the best opportunity to achieve your goals.

Having a clear financial plan is essential. We will work with you so you understand the options available along your business journey, helping you maximise cash extraction in a tax efficient manner, prepare for a sale when or where appropriate and help shape your retirement needs early so you have total peace of mind.  

Overall we will create the financial tools your business needs to reach its intended destination and provide you with easy to understand visual presentations of your numbers.

What we can do

  • Build an interactive financial model to help business owners and management teams translate strategy into numbers. 
  • Model for the short, medium or/and long term (typically models cover a three year period) 
  • Provide you with an easy to understand reference tool
  • Sensitised and flexible to account for different scenarios
  • Profit and loss accounts, balance sheet and cash flow  
  • Monthly or quarterly meeting to assess progress 
  • Ongoing support via a dedicated account manager

Our experienced accountancy team are here to help plan your future by utilising a range of business modelling tools and scenarios so you can fund your business growth. We like to think we offer big city solutions without the big city costs. We work closely with businesses across the UK or locally from our offices in Wilmslow, Cheshire and Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.

Get in touch to see how we can help drive your business forward.