Inheritance tax planning

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Inheritance tax planning

Protect your assets with inheritance planning

Planning for the inevitable is a process that many put off, avoid or fail to tackle in time. However the last thing that you want to do when you work hard all your life is to find a substantial part of your estate and assets in the hands of HMRC.  

We can offer inheritance tax advice and help you plan and secure the best use for your Inheritance.

How we help

With our personal finance planners, we can help you to understand your personal balance sheet, early planning and exposure to inheritance tax and potential care home fees. 

Whilst we do not offer aggressive tax planning solutions, there are simple steps that can often be taken to help reduce a potential inheritance tax bill.

Having an early plan for inheritance can help provide peace of mind that your hard work does not land in the hands of HMRC.

We believe that it’s important to be proactive with inheritance tax planning and not to leave it too late especially now the Government has started to take into consideration actions prior to death.

What we can do

  • Consultancy and strategic advice
  • Analyse and assess your current and future inheritance tax exposure
  • Inheritance tax planning and will preparation
  • Advice on the use of trusts for tax and succession planning
  • Ongoing support via a dedicated account manager 

We can offer local inheritance advice from our offices in in Wilmslow, Cheshire and Holmfirth, West Yorkshire where our experienced inheritance planning team can work with you on your planning.

Get in touch to see how we can help with your inheritance planning.