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Business grants and funding can provide a really useful form of cash injection to help develop and take a business or organisation to the next level. 

All grants and types of funding have their eligibility criteria so it’s important to understand which of these opportunities your business is able to access and what the effects will be financially.

How we help

Often, the fundamentals around the application for a business grant or funding are the business plan and strategy. With our financial modelling and strategic support, we can help support you with your grant or funding application.

We can help assess your eligibility for grants and review your grant applications to give you the best possible chance of being accepted.

We can also look at the cashflow effect where repayments or additional funding are needed as part of the grant and advise appropriately to their affect on your business.

What we can do

  • Advise the business/individual with regards to grants and funding
  • Assess the criteria and advise on the eligibility of the business
  • Advise on the financial and legal obligations 
  • Recommend appropriate tax implications  
  • Organise the accounts or business plan inline with the criteria of the application
  • Review your funding or grant application
  • Ongoing support via a dedicated account manager

Our experienced accountancy team are available to help with your business grant submission and make sure the criteria for a successful application is met. Many grant applications for funding will require a business plan and our team can help provide the necessary information for a successful outcome.

For business grants Yorkshire and Cheshire we have local offices in Holmfirth and Wilmslow respectively where we can offer a more local and personal service for your grant and funding needs.

Get in touch to see how we can help with your grants and funding your business forward.