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Every day, millions of people struggle with debt, many of whom have never been taught how to manage money.  

While there is some financial literacy teaching in secondary schools habits are formed much younger according to experts at DebtAware – the education arm of the national charity – Debt Advice Foundation.

With 64% of children under 11 now with a bank account and access to a debit card if they want one and 6 in 10 under 11s with a mobile phone, the need for money skills has never been more important.

Our campaign is designed to raise money to help put more DebtAware teams into primary schools across the UK. This is our pledge:

  • To raise enough funds to help develop a DebtAware team in Cheshire and Yorkshire – so minimum 160 schools in each county – by 2023

  • To mobilise our network behind the issue to do more quicker

  • To talk to other interested parties to look at ways in which we can bring pressure to bear on government to create space in the primary school curriculum to make the teaching of money management mandatory

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