Round 2 of applications for the Cheshire & Warrington Covid Recovery Grant Opening Soon

The second round of applications for the C&W Covid Recovery Grant will be opened at 12 noon on 2nd November 2020, but in the meantime tomorrow (9th October) at 2.30pm there will be a live Zoom Q & A session for anyone who needs and advice and guidance around applying for the grant, you can find further details by clicking here.

There are approximately 95 grants available of up to £5000 each to help businesses to develop new business models, new products and to target new markets or customers.  You can not apply for funding to purchase new equipment or capital items, it is funding purely for consultancy projects.

Examples of what can be funded are below, it is important to note that all such grant projects have to be put through a tender process:


  • Marketing including Promotional Campaigns, Branding & Design Work, Marketing Materials, Marketing Strategies and Market Research, in order to engage customers, enter new markets and communicate new trading conditions
  • Digital Services including website development & build, e-commerce functions & electronic payments systems, mobile apps, search engine optimisation, web-campaigns, video material and virtual tours.
  • HR, Financial & Legal Services where the business can demonstrate that these are used to restructure, adapt and address the changes to business practices arising from the Corona Virus.
  • Business Management & Strategic planning consultancy including activities to support management teams in diversification into new sectors and markets, change management programmes & restructure
  • Product development & Process Management consultancy including advice and guidance on the development & production of new products, changes to production lines and facilities to support social distancing; sales, product specification and marketing to enter into new markets, etc.

Demand is expected to be high, and priority will be given to those businesses that can demonstrate how they will be able to safeguard at risk jobs upon receipt of the grant and how their business has been effected by Covid social distancing measures.

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