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Langricks Chartered Accountancy in Wilmslow has stepped into the breach for hospitality client Top Table to maintain day to day financial cover after an employee left suddenly and help find a suitable replacement. 

Annette Glynn, who owns Top Table, the bespoke catering, wedding and events business based in Altrincham, called on the Langricks team to make up the numbers in a hurry – and they were only too pleased to help out.

She commented: “We have a great relationship with the team at Langricks, developed over the last seven years, so when I lost my book-keeper I did not hesitate to ask them in.”

Lizzie and Will at Langricks step up to help Top Table clientSenior Associate Will Sant and Associate Lizzie Hill, under the guidance of Director Mike Bowker, have been sitting in-house in recent weeks to provide additional support. 

Mike Bowker said: “It happens from time to time and we would rather get in there and maintain the consistency and professionalism required, than allow a client to muddle on short-staffed.  There has been a lot of trust and knowledge built up over the years with Top Table, which makes it an easy task to take on.”

They have also helped out with finding the right replacement book-keeper for Annette going as far as finding and interviewing four suitable candidates with all the right skills and helping her make a new appointment. 

Annette agreed: I think of Langricks as a real safety net helping us navigate finances in a complex operation with multiple venues and events and a growing team of people. This is just another example of how they are always there for us.

Top Table is a leading wedding and events business working with special venues across Cheshire to provide couples with dream, individually-tailored occasions of quality and style. Taking on as much or as little as required Annette and her team provide experienced advice across all aspects of the wedding – or indeed corporate event - in some of Cheshire’s loveliest spaces.

Annette explained: “Sandhole Oak Barn in Congleton is a particular favourite – it’s a real hidden gem - but we work all over Cheshire and  have expended into Derbyshire recently too. This year we are very keen to add more venues to our portfolio and offer a wider choice to our couples and corporate clients.”   

Mike Bowker again: “Whether it’s book-keeping, payroll, corporation tax or end of year accounts we do have a true partnership with Top Table which helps Annette and her team run an effective, profitable business with an important eye on the day to day and longer-term financial position.”


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