Case Study Project Laser - Bringing Urgency to a Business Acquisition

The client was introduced to us by KPMG who were conducting due diligence on a business that Project Laser wished to acquire.


The target company’s accountants were sending the required financial information sporadically one piece at a time.

After three weeks the information was still incomplete. The lack of complete data was delaying the process.

What we did

We obtained permission to access the target company’s Sage data. We then put a dedicated team to work extracting exactly the data needed.



  • Our experience of acquisitions and due diligence enabled us to target the relevant information efficiently with minimal input from the client or the target business.
  • Having a dedicated team working on research minimised the disruption to Project Laser’s in house accounting team during the due diligence process.


After three days KPMG had the data and the analysis needed to advise Project Laser appropriately.