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Strategic Financial Support for a Technology Business

Evosite creates e-commerce and website solutions for leading national and multinational brands. The business has grown rapidly in the eight years of its existence and invested heavily in technology and people. Expert financial support was needed to ensure that business growth was sustainable.


Rapid business growth meant that the business had outgrown the finance procedures and tools that were in place to manage the business. As well as maintaning and improving profitability the business also wanted to invest in strategic acqusitions and diversification, which needed to be based on sound financial analysis.


What we did

Langricks took over the routine accounting functions such as payroll and year end accounts. More significantly, Chris Langrick has participated in quarterly board meetings for over five years. 

Chris has helped the board review performance across all units of the business incuding team utilisation and R&D. Management accounts have become an integral part of a strategic accounting and business planning process. Chris also assists with acquisition research the financial aspects of large proposals.


  • Effective tools and process are in place to monitor performance accross the business.
  • Strategic business planning with effective risk management.
  • High level finance expertise supports board members with strategic decision making in a highly cost effective way.


The business has continued to expand, taking on larger and more significant contracts while keeping dat-to-day fianancial issues firmly under control.

Services Provided

  • Routine Accounting
    • Payroll, VAT, year end accounts etc.
  • Financial Performance
    • Monitoring financial performance across the business.
  • Strategy Support
    • Providing key data to support board decisions.
  • Acquisitions
    • Research and analysis.

We've been working with Chris for almost 5 years now. He has been instrumental in giving the business financial structure in almost every area. His strategic input has made a significant difference to our success.

James Shakespeare - Evosite