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Advisory Services

There are critical points in the life of a business when getting expert financial advice is crucial. The decision you make could be one you’ll live with for a long time. You must be sure you can trust the available data and can draw accurate conclusions from it. Investment in expert financial advice usually repays itself many times over.

Financial Modelling and Forecasting

We specialise in creating Excel­ based models that give you deeper insights into the financial dynamics of your business. The clear data presentation helps you appreciate what really drives your bottom line and allows you to perform ‘what if’ analyses to predict the impact of different events.

Accurate financial modelling is essential for meaningful business planning, debt raising, preparation for disposals and acquisitions. Our largest model to date was for a business with over £1.5 billion turnover.

Business Planning

The most important quality for any business plan is objectivity. We help you ensure that your plan is clearly presented with the level of detail demanded by the intended purpose (internal working plan, preparation for sale, raising finance etc). Above all we ask the searching questions that potential purchasers or funders would ask. Ultimately you can be sure that your plan presents a robust and credible vision of the future of your business.

Mergers and Acquisitions

People selling a business don’t always know what it’s worth. Often, the price the seller hopes or expects to get doesn’t match the value of that business (either in financial or strategic terms) to your business. Professional and thorough Financial Due Diligence gets rid of the subjectivity, emotions and wishful thinking. It focuses on facts, data and quantifiable risks to tell you:

  • If there are any one off or non­recurring items in the reported numbers that should affect the price.
  • The true level of debt.
  • The working capital needed to run the business, so you can ensure that there is adequate working capital on completion.
  • The cash cycle of the business. Whether there are any undisclosed liabilities, such as legal claims and tax liabilities.

Preparation for Sale

Preparing a business for sale creates significant additional work for your accounting team, which they may not have the capacity or relevant experience to handle. Often, information about a business being prepared for sale needs to be carefully managed and restricted to Board members. Our discreet support services include financial due diligence and all documentation needed to ensure a successful and efficient transaction.

Working Capital and Cash Flow

Businesses rarely fail because they run out of ideas or customers. Usually they just run out of cash. This happens when they lack the systems to accurately monitor and forecast working capital and cash flow. We help you improve your cash flow forecasts, compare previous forecasts to actual outturns, and stress test any financial covenants you have in place. When you see potential issues before they hit you can, for example, negotiate additional short term funding while longer ­term solutions are evaluated. Trying to do this in a ‘distress’ situation is painful and sometimes not possible. Being in control of your cash flow and working capital avoids issues occurring and helps your bank and creditors feel more confident about the future of your business. We give you the tools and expert advice you need so you feel completely in control.

Audit and Control

A good control framework minimises your financial risk. Have you ever wondered whether yours is up to the task? The implications if it isn’t could be catastrophic. We perform key checks to ensure that the control environment is operating as it should. These can be specific control checks to suit your business or a standard ‘health check’ to ensure your control environment is robust. For most businesses the audit process is a necessary evil that adds no value to the business. Our audit preparation services help minimise external audit costs and keep your accounting team focused on your day to day accounting needs.

IPOs and Secondary Fundraising

We have experience in full listings on the London Stock Exchange and listings on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Good planning and project management minimises costs and the strain on your accounting team.

  • Project management
  • Preparation of financial information for the external advisors
  • Business forecasting.

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